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50 Cent Launches G-Unit Studios In Shreveport, Louisiana And The City Is Excited

Updated: 4 days ago

Credit: 50 Cent Instagram

As reported by KSLA, music mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was in Shreveport on Thursday, April 18, to celebrate the launch of G-Unit Studios. During the press conference held on the occasion, Jackson expressed, “Bringing G-Unit Studios to Shreveport is more than just a business decision. It’s a commitment to foster talent, to create opportunities and to invest in the community itself to build what I would need to be able to execute what I’ve got going with G-Unit Studios. It’s going to create a lot of jobs.”

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The news of G-Unit Studios’ launch has sparked optimism among people in the film industry and businesses. Wade Marshall, who used to run Millennium Studios, believes that this transformation is very much doable and can change the landscape of Shreveport into an entertainment mecca.

“We’re headed that way with all the plans and things that they’re offering," Marshall said.

Billy Anderson, a board member with the Shreveport Bossier African American Chamber of Commerce, said that G-Unit Studios’ arrival in Shreveport is a great thing and can inspire business owners. “50 Cent has different operations. He has music, he has television, so there’s going to be a wide range of opportunities for folks to apply for those jobs,” he said.

Apart from G-Unit Studios, Jackson has also expressed his interest in investing in Shreveport’s nightlife. Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux revealed that Jackson is very interested in the downtown area and has some transformative ideas that can enhance the city. 

Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson during the press conference in front of Government Plaza to sign the lease for G-Unit Studios in Shreveport. Credit: Makenzie Boucher, Shreveport Times

“I think he’s very interested in the downtown area. And I think some of his ideas are transformative for downtown, so I look forward to working with him on some of those ideas and seeing what it is that the city can do to bring his ideas about,” Mayor Arceneaux stated.

Marshall believes that Shreveport has the potential to become a tourist destination.

“The city is 100% behind all of this expansion. I feel like we’re headed toward a new Shreveport that we’ve never seen before,” Marshall said.

Chris Lyon, a Shreveport filmmaker

Chris Lyon, a Shreveport filmmaker, expressed his excitement about what’s happening in Shreveport. Lyon recommends that those who are interested in getting into the film industry should start preparing to meet the film industry standards. He is thrilled to see someone like Jackson believe in Shreveport and invest in the community.

“What’s really great is always seeing someone else believe in us and want to invest in this community. But so much of that talent, everything that makes that a success, is already here,” Lyon said.

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