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André 3000’s Workwear Brand Seems To Be On The Horizon

Updated: May 1

As reported by Highsnobiety, for nearly a decade, André 3000 has been in a unique style phase that has seen him primarily donning overalls and camouflage T-shirts. This trend began following the 2014 reunion of OutKast for the 20th anniversary of their album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

It's therefore not surprising that André is now branching out into the world of workwear fashion, launching his own brand in collaboration with an as-yet-unidentified Dutch label. The timing of this venture might seem early to some, but considering André's long-standing affinity for workwear, it feels like a natural progression.

However, it's important to note that André's workwear phase is not about seeking attention or engaging in manual labor. Rather, it's a testament to his practicality and comfort. As he once stated in an interview with Highsnobiety Magazine, "It takes a certain person to wear overalls. They're like grown-up baby clothes. They feel very comfortable — that's why I love them."

André's decision to adopt workwear as his signature style is a clear demonstration of his individualistic approach to fashion. This isn't a trend he's following, but rather a personal preference that aligns with his practical nature.

Workwear, in its essence, is not susceptible to fashion trends. It's a category of clothing that is inherently practical, making it a timeless choice for many. While there may be moments when workwear becomes fashionable, such as the recent trend of luxurifying brands like Carhartt, the core essence of workwear remains unchanged. It's about functionality and practicality, not about being in vogue.

For André, workwear will always be more than a fashion statement. It's a uniform, a style that he has proudly worn for the past decade. Now, as he steps into the world of fashion design, André 3000 is set to create his own workwear brand, further solidifying his unique style and individuality.

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