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Fat Joe and DJ Khaled Collaborate To Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

According to a report from iHearts143Quotes, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled are collaborating on aiding men on their journeys to reclaim their hair heyday by introducing an innovative solution for those looking to put their gray hairs behind them, at least temporarily. Recently, the two Hip-Hop icons took to Instagram to reveal their latest creation, REWIND IT 10, a professional hair coloring kit.

In an Instagram post, Fat Joe presented the REWIND IT 10 boxes, each possessing a variety of shades, with celebrities like iconic Ralph Lauren model Tyson Beckford, NFL’s Travis Kelce, and soulful R&B crooner Tank, proudly endorsing the product. As Joe’s hit song “All the Way Up” played in the background, he expressed his excitement for this innovative hair transformation solution.

Meanwhile, DJ Khaled, known for his gift of gab for promotions, briefly shared his enthusiasm for REWIND IT 10 in a now-deleted Instagram post. In “We The Best” fashion, he proudly exclaimed, “Why struggle against the relentless march of time when you can simply turn it back? REWIND THE TIME! Embrace your

youthful look and vitality, and let’s rewind

the time together!”

The team up of Fat Joe and DJ Khaled represents a landmark moment in the world of men’s hair care. With REWIND IT 10, they aim to assist men in regaining their confidence and youthful appearance without the stigma of dealing with graying hair.

I get the feeling that this is just one of many more products to come from Khaled and Joe.

I’ll be keeping an eye out…

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