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Lil Baby Keeps On Giving At Every Turn

Lil Baby has not shied away from his instincts to help others and be of service. The Atlanta native Hip-Hop artist is doing a lot these days when it comes to giving back and building a legacy.

As reported by Complex, this time last year Lil Baby and Foot Locker organized a "Back to School Festival" event as a means to give back to the children in his hometown of Atlanta, GA, prior to the upcoming school year. This week, the artist and the sneaker retailer kept the tradition going with their second annual "Back to School Festival" event.

Lil Baby took over the Foot Locker store in Atlanta's Westland Mall earlier this week to give away over $300,000 worth of sneakers and various items to over 1,500 local students.

Additionally, Lil Baby and Foot Locker also partnered with Goodr, a local company whose mission is to combat food waste and end hunger, to provide meals to attendees at the event.

Prior to the creation of their "Back to School Festival" event, in June of 2021 Lil Baby was spotted leaving a Foot Locker after he reportedly purchased dozens of sneakers and gave them out to members of the community in his old Atlanta neighborhood.

Footage of Lil Baby at Foot Locker for "Back to School Festival":

According to an article from Revolt dating back to 2021, Lil Baby has given back to Atlanta on numerous occasions, from donating bikes to collaborating with Foot Locker to remodel the community’s basketball court, to hosting a back-to-school event where he gave away clothes, laptops, free supplies, and merch from his Four The People Foundation.

A few quotes from posts that Lil Baby put up on his social media account during 2021 that still hold true, as he has not shifted his focus from being an example of community love, gratitude, and devotion:

“At This Point It’s About The Kids!” “#generationalwealth”
“Buying shoes ain’t what I mean by saving my community or giving back!!”
“That was some shit I did cause I seen a lot of them had on flip flops. When I say save my community, I mean centers, programs, jobs. You can’t imagine the shit I don’t post…”

In a separate report from CBS42 , Lil Baby has also contributed to communities in need beyond his hometown of Atlanta when he gave 1000 coats to Birmingham, Alabama residents in need, back in December of 2020.

Lil Baby posted this to his Twitter account back in 2020 during that time: “I got 1.5 million dollars to donate off of “Bigger Picture “ I want the money to go where it’s needed.”

I’m sure this will not be the last time we see Lil Baby giving back and building up…

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