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Lil Baby Opens Seafood Spot In ATL

As reported by TMZ, On July 14th, Lil Baby opened a seafood restaurant and lounge and it looks official! (official in slang: Thoroughly put together, very nice, well done)

This grand opening comes on the heels of Lil Baby’s participation in the $20 million Merch Madness giveaway with Fanatics sports gear and apparel store. Lil Baby seems to be quite busy these days and with good reason.

The Hip-Hop artist, now restaurateur, cut the ribbon on his newly established seafood restaurant The Seafood Menu this month in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Partnering on this venture with Chad Dillon, owner of The Boiler Seafood Atlanta restaurant in Buckhead, their intent

behind the establishment is to shake up the

restaurant landscape of Atlanta and bring a

fresh element to the scene.

Their custom sauces are the instrument in which they intend to accomplish this goal.

They have seven unique sauces to boot: Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper Butter, Cajun Butter, Sweet Chili Butter, Honey Hot, Hot, and Caribbean Jerk Butter, which Lil Baby was noted to rave about, according to TMZ. Along with the unique custom sauces, is the notably sophisticated and stylish decor, which was designed by a Black woman and local ATLien interior designer, Jasmine Smith.

In an interview with Essence, Jasmine had this to say regarding the design of the restaurant and its inspiration, “I first came to them for any info that they had, and Baby and Chad pretty much agreed that they wanted something that was for our culture.”

“They wanted to do something that involved a Hip-Hop type of feel, but also keep it Atlanta.” “That’s how I came up with the wall design. I took Baby’s favorite R&B and Hip-Hop artists, along with Atlanta’

monumental establishments like the Braves’ stadium and The Varsity, and other places he visited growing up. So, I wanted the interior to feel like home. I wanted it to feel like Atlanta.”

It appears that the enthusiasm for the flavorful offerings and the restaurant itself where not only Lil Baby’s and Chad’s, but was shared by the community as well, as a large crowd of patrons attended The Seafood Menu’s grand opening.

While good food can always draw a crowd, a lot of the support was from ATLiens looking to support their native son Lil Baby and his evolution from artist to entrepreneur.

Lil Baby shared the monumental moment with his son Loyal in his arms.

Atlanta City Councilman Byron Amos was also there in attendance to commend and endorse Lil Baby’s new venture and gave recognition to those involved with the construction and completion of the restaurant, as it faced many obstacles to come to fruition.

Along with bringing flavorful seafood offerings to the city, Lil Baby and Chad are also bringing jobs to the city of Atlanta. On the restaurant’s Instagram page, there is a hiring-event post that went up a day prior to opening, leaving some a bit confused in regards to the timing of the post, but the launch was a success nonetheless.

I assume that the hiring post wasn’t in preparation of the grand opening, but to let the city know that jobs are now available at the restaurant and talent is being actively sought.

In the interview with Essence, Lil Baby explained his reason and motivation for why he chose to get involved with the hospitality industry, which centers around stability and longevity. “Restaurants are one of the few businesses that have lasted for 50 years, standing strong even through the challenges of the pandemic.” — “I believe in the power of endurance.”

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