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Netflix Knows No Chill

The streaming giant Netflix is gearing up for the next wave of technological advancement. By now, many are aware of the current writer and actor strike taking place in Hollywood at present. The concerns of those taking part in the strike are centered around proper compensation and the role of artificial intelligence in film and television.

Netflix seems to be taking interest in the technology that writers and actors are concerned with and seeking to tap into the technology with a strong sense of urgency and importance.

According to a report from BeInCrypto, Netflix is hiring for various positions based on machine learning and AI with annual salaries up to $900,000. Some of those positions are:

  • Machine Learning Scientist

  • Data Scientist

  • Product Manager

  • Technical Director

  • Research Scientist

The potential salaries for these positions, according to TechCrunch, are quite impressive.

An engineering manager in member satisfaction ML — their recommendation engine, probably could earn as much as $849,000, but the floor for the “market range” is $449,000.

An L6 research scientist in ML could earn $390,000 to $900,000.

The technical director of their ML R&D tech lab would make $450,000-$650,000.

The L5 software engineer and research scientist positions open pay $100,000-$700,000.

As a tech company, Netflix, like every other company on Earth, is exploring the capabilities of AI.

Netflix wants to bring in new talent to grow the leverage of its machine-learning platform. Moreover, the company also aims to create games using AI technology. The streaming platform wrote:

“The Game Studio is building an incubation style R&D team chartered to lead our investments in building new kinds of games not previously possible without ongoing advances in AI/ML technologies.”

At the same moment that Netflix is seeking AI-specific talent, SAG-AFTRA, the world’s largest labor union representing actors and broadcasters, is rallying against AI adoption. The labor union is concerned that artificial intelligence will negatively impact the careers of writers, actors, and other roles in the film and television industry.

So far, ChatGPT has demonstrated its ability to generate text for movie plots, articles, poems, and essays.

An example of ChatGPT’s film writing capabilities can be found below:

As stated by writer Devin Coldewey at TechCrunch, “we don’t have to like that AI researchers are being paid half a million while an actress from a hit show a couple years back gets a check for $35. But this portion of Netflix’s inequity is, honestly, out of their control. They’re doing what is required of them there. Ask around: Anyone with serious experience in machine learning and running an outfit is among the most sought-after people in the world right now. Their salaries are grossly inflated, yes — they’re the A-listers of tech right now, and this is their moment.

The problem is that by Netflix demonstrating its ability to do what’s needed in one area, they call attention to their failure to do what is required of them elsewhere — namely in support of creators, whose entire relationship with distribution platforms needs to be rewritten from scratch.”

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