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Nicki Minaj Crashes LØCI Website With Exclusive Sneaker Release

Updated: May 6

As reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj has made a splash in the fashion industry with her latest collaboration with the Black-owned vegan sneaker and apparel brand, LØCI. On March 29, the initial release of her sneaker collection reportedly caused the website to crash due to a staggering 3,500% surge in website traffic.

Minaj announced her sneaker brand's launch on Instagram, partnering with LØCI to release 11 different designs set to be fully released on April 12. She captioned the post, “4/12 = 11 new pairs of my OWN sneakers. 11 completely different designs for you to choose from. An absolute dream come true. I can’t WAIT for you guys to see my 1st collection!!!! Link in bio to SIGN UP NOW.”

Minaj has previously partnered with other brands outside of music, including fragrance, clothing, and technology brands. With the LØCI sneaker collection, she has combined her bold style with the brand's commitment to sustainable clothing.

According to Forbes, the popularity of the first drop has brought attention to Minaj's loyal fans and their eagerness to support the "Pink Friday" artist. The sneaker collection is made entirely from vegan biomaterial, allowing Minaj's unique style to shine through.

LØCI described the exclusive collection as a blend of "street-cool aesthetics with high-fashion chic meticulously curated by Minaj” that “epitomizes Nicki’s bold and vibrant style.”

Emmanuel Eribo, CEO of LØCI, expressed his gratitude for the partnership, saying, "Having Nicki Minaj place her faith in us as an owner and her determination to elevate our brand on a global scale is a testament to our shared vision of challenging conventions and making a meaningful impact."

LØCI, a well-known British brand, has gained success in the United States for its innovative sustainable manufacturing in apparel.

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