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Pharrell and Pink In Dispute Over His “P.Inc” Trademark

As reported by Billboard via Hypebeast, Pink and her legal team have taken legal action against Pharrell Williams over the trademark term "P.Inc." Pink has filed a claim stating that Pharrell's attempt to trademark "P.Inc" will cause confusion with her own name and subsequently damage her business. The legal paperwork reveals that Pink had registered the "PINK" trademark in 2001 and believes that "P.Inc" could "cause confusion, mistake and/or deception" among people. Her company, Lefty Paw Print, has filed a case against Pharrell's PW IP Holdings company.

Pharrell's company contends that "P.Inc" is a trademark for the producer's "promotional marketing services in the field of music." The application for the trademark was first filed last year but faced resistance from lingerie company Victoria's Secret, which claimed the same concern of consumer confusion since it uses "Pink" in its branding. 

Rolling Stone reports that the suit claims, "[Williams'] P.Inc mark is similar to the PINK marks in sight, sound, meaning, and commercial impression…[Williams'] and [Pink's] goods and services are identical and/or closely related…[Williams] is likely to market and promote its goods through the same channels of trade and to the same consumers as [Pink]." 

“Opposer’s use of its ‘Victoria’s Secret PINK’ and ‘PINK’ marks predates applicant’s filing date,” Victoria Secret’s attorneys wrote in a filing, per Billboard. “Applicant’s mark is highly similar to, and is the phonetic equivalent of, opposer’s ‘PINK’ marks.”

This legal dispute with Pink comes after the news of Pharrell and Chad Hugo entering legal disputes over the Neptunes trademark. Hugo is accusing Pharrell of seeking sole control of the group's trademarks and doing so without consulting him.

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