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Pharrell Headed To The Big Screen With Lego-Inspired Biopic “Piece By Piece”

According to a report from VIBE, Grammy-winning artist Pharrell Williams is set to narrate his life story in a unique way - through Lego blocks and a biopic titled "Piece By Piece." The musician shared a teaser poster for the film on Instagram, which is set to hit theaters on October 11.

The poster features golden Lego blocks being assembled, culminating in an image of Williams himself, dressed in his Louis Vuitton "Damoflage" print, walking. Williams captioned the post with a reflection on his childhood, stating, "Who would’ve thought that playing with Legos as a kid would evolve into a movie about my life." He then referenced his 2006 song "You Can Do It Too," adding, "It’s proof that anyone else can do it too… #PieceByPiece."

Deadline reports that the film will be produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville and Caitrin Rogers, in collaboration with i am OTHER, a company run by Williams, Shani Saxon, and Mimi Valdés. The Lego Group's Jill Wilfert and Keith Malone will serve as executive producers for the biopic. Focus Features Chairman Peter Kujawski released an official statement about the project, praising Pharrell's creativity and passion for inspiring others.

“Pharrell Williams is a true trailblazer whose influence across music, art, and fashion continually reshapes global culture with an undeniable sense of joy,” Kujawski said. “In partnering with the inimitable Morgan Neville and the limitless creativity of the Lego brand his visionary spirit comes to life in a wholly unique and uplifting way that will inspire everyone to dance, to sing, and to use their voice to build the world they want to see, brick by brick, and piece by piece.”

Neville shared his excitement about Pharrell's idea, stating that they were "blown away" by the concept and immediately started working on it.

“Five years ago, Pharrell Williams approached me with the idea of helping him tell his story through Lego animation. It was one of those rare moments where I knew in a second that this was a journey I wanted to go on. I’m grateful to our partners at Focus Features and at the Lego Group for their belief in our crazy mission. We assembled an incredible team of creative collaborators to help make a new type of film. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Jill Wilfert, SVP of Entertainment Partners and Content at the Lego Group, expressed her enthusiasm for working with Williams, stating that Legos are "the ultimate creative medium" and it makes sense that he would want to use the toy to tell his story.

“Getting the opportunity to partner with him; with an incredible storyteller like Morgan Neville; and the wonderful team at Focus Features has been truly inspiring.

The combined creativity of Pharrell and the Lego brick is truly something special to see come together.”

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