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Tencent’s Dungeon & Fighter Mobile Game Yields Over $140 Million In Blockbuster First Week

As reported by Bloomberg, Tencent Holdings Ltd. has achieved monumental success with its latest release Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, raking in an estimated $140 million in player spending during its debut week in China. This remarkable feat positions the game as one of the most lucrative debuts in the world's largest games market.

According to market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, DnF Mobile grossed $63 million on Apple Inc.'s App Store in China since its release on May 21. Gaming researcher Niko Partners estimates that this translates to over $140 million in player spending across all mobile platforms, including Android stores.

Based on Nexon Co.'s long-standing franchise, DnF Mobile has dominated both the download and grossing charts, amassing 2.6 million downloads on iPhones in China within a week, as revealed by Sensor Tower data. Such overwhelming popularity led to Tencent suspending the game within an hour of its launch due to unspecified server glitches.

The game's delayed arrival in China, a result of a Beijing crackdown on the internet industry and a halt to game approvals, is a significant development for Tencent as it seeks its next major profit driver. DnF Mobile's success has propelled Tencent hits Honor of Kings and Peacekeeper Elite, granting Tencent the top three most profitable games in the country last week.

Investor focus now shifts to Tencent's ability to sustain the initial popularity of its newest action role-playing game. The company went to great lengths to ensure a swift launch, including featuring animated ads for the game's release in WeChat conversations containing references to its title or related words like "warrior."

Niko Partners analyst Xiaofeng Zeng projects that DnF Mobile's spectacular debut could potentially result in over $1 billion in sales for Tencent this year, constituting approximately 5% of its domestic games sales, provided that the momentum continues. Zeng notes, "Top-notch franchises like DnF have proved their longevity and money-making power. That said, it's still too soon to tell whether DnF Mobile will be the next Honor of Kings for Tencent. The first-week revenue is in line with our expectation, but that's the result of aggressive marketing campaigns."

Steven Ma, Senior Vice President of Tencent

In comparison, Sensor Tower estimates that 2020 hit Genshin Impact from Chinese anime specialist Mihoyo generated approximately $60 million in its first-week revenue globally, excluding third-party Android stores in China.

Amid a prolonged pause in license approvals for new game releases in China, Tencent intends to bolster its launches as the year progresses. The company recently showcased over a dozen upcoming debuts, including the highly anticipated console title Black Myth: Wukong, at its annual games event held on May 28th.

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