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Terrence Howard Discusses Details Of Allegations In Lawsuit Against CAA

Updated: May 6

As reported by VIBE, Terrence Howard has filed a bombshell lawsuit against his longtime agency, the Creative Arts Agency (CAA), alleging that he was systematically underpaid for his role on the hit TV show "Empire." The suit, which was filed in December 2023, claims that CAA failed to negotiate fair compensation for Howard, despite his status as a key player on one of the most successful shows of recent years.

In an explosive interview with Daphne Phaneē, Howard laid out his case in stark terms. He accused CAA of exploiting his likeness without his permission, using a still image from his film "Hustle & Flow" to promote "Empire" worldwide. "That image is worth $100 million at least for how much money that they made from it," Howard asserted. "We got a forensic photographer to find the actual frame."

The actor also revealed that he was paid significantly less than his white costars on "The Big Bang Theory," despite the fact that "Empire" consistently drew larger audiences.

"They were getting $2 million, damn near $3 million an episode. Those white kids...that had no name recognition, no Oscar nominations, none of that. We have 28 million viewers, and these jokers are paying me $325,000 an episode," Howard lamented.

Howard claims that his agents deliberately kept his pay low, even though they were aware that he was significantly outearning his white counterparts. "My agents were incentivized to keep my pay low," he explained. "They owe me over $120 million based on what would've been paid to white counterparts."

The suit against CAA comes on the heels of a tumultuous year for Howard, which included a tax dispute with the Justice Department and a highly publicized divorce. In the interview, Howard addressed these personal challenges and offered his perspective on a range of topics, including his mathematical and scientific theories, his religious beliefs, and his views on domestic violence.

The allegations against CAA have sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, particularly in light of Howard's status as a prominent Black actor and the ongoing conversation about racial disparities in Hollywood.

Legal experts have weighed in on the potential implications of the lawsuit, with some suggesting that it could set a precedent for other underpaid actors to seek justice.

As the case unfolds, Terrence Howard's fight against what he perceives as systemic racism and economic exploitation within the entertainment industry is likely to attract widespread attention. The outcome of the lawsuit could have far-reaching consequences, not only for Howard's own career but also for the way that Black actors are compensated in Hollywood.

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