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Tupac Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

On June 7th, 2023 Tupac Shakur received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

By many, this was seen as long overdue.

In the way of influence, accomplishment, relevance, talent, and musical contribution, Mr. Shakur definitely had this coming! I don’t think there is any other music artist that has as much influence and interest as Tupac Shakur. Go to YouTube and put Tupac in the search

bar and a myriad of discussions, interviews, and music will show up. Not only will your

search bring you seemingly endless content, but you will also find a myriad of comments

and replies to those comments as well. People from all walks of life love Tupac as if he

were here with us today and people will always love him.

Tupac is a symbol of strength, intelligence, perseverance, and passion for his community. Though young at the time of his demise and with his age were reflections of a temper and rashness that many believe he would have eventually evolved with time; his shortcomings could never overshadow his strengths and potential. Tupac's passion for the improvement

of the conditions of Black and Brown people impoverished throughout the United States and his fearless expression of the changes needed in places where gang violence had taken the lives of innocent children and bystanders made Pac a legend and voice beyond his physical existence.

Thus, without question or doubt of reason, Tupac has received his star on the Walk of Fame to accompany his star in the universe. His star in the universe shines brightest of all and can never be given or taken away. He did that himself.

I will close this writing with a quote via USA Today, from the mouth of Tupac’s sister Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur, who accepted the award in honor of Tupac at the unveiling ceremony:

“From the first time he stepped foot on the stage of the Apollo Theater at 13 years old, before anyone recognized his name, he knew he had the dream to have a star here on the Walk of Fame.”

“We’re not just honoring a star in the ground, but we’re honoring the work and the passion that he’s put into making his dreams come true. His heavenly star will shine a little brighter today. And once again, he has made us all extremely proud. We love you, Tupac.”

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