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“Frictionless” Autonomous AI Grocery Store Opens In Chamblee, GA

As reported by Axios, a cashierless, contactless, and cashless market has now opened in Chamblee, Georgia. The theme of this market is focused on those who are mindful of their health and also mindful of their time, in need of a faster grocery shopping experience.

Green Picks Market opened the company's first-ever autonomous grocery store this week at the Attiva residential building on Peachtree Boulevard.

It’s believed that online shopping has given people a sense of urgency when shopping and that brick and mortar retail should follow suit, being fast and seamless. Through the use of “frictionless" technology and artificial intelligence, Green Picks is accomplishing this goal.

Shoppers can scan the Green Picks app on their phone to open a turnstile at the store's entrance. The sensors on the shelves and cameras throughout the store identify when an item has been removed from the shelf, replaced, or carried out of the door. The store's technology then asses the cost to the customer, charging their payment method stored in their account.

Despite the perceived convenience of this technological retail experience, an August 2022 study found shoppers were befuddled by the technology and expressed a desire for human cashiers.

Nevertheless, “frictionless” technology is expected to be seen more and more as businesses experiment with the tech.

In 2022, a husband and wife opened Nourish + Bloom, which they referenced as the world's first Black-owned autonomous grocery store, at Trilith in Fayetteville, Georgia.

In August, Beltline officials selected Nourish + Bloom to open multiple popup stores along the parks, trails and transit project as part of a "smart cities" demonstration project.

“Atlanta BeltLine and eX² Technology will transform two areas along the BeltLine into smart city pop-ups, showcasing pilot technologies. This demonstration project will garner additional community engagement and usage data to inform future BeltLine strategies. Sites on the Southside and Eastside Trails will feature high-speed internet powered by ABI’s fiber network. Moreover, each of the pilot areas will house a Nourish + Bloom Market, a Black-owned autonomous grocery store.”

Green Picks sells produce and packaged foods from common “healthier” brands normally seen at your local grocer, such as Annie's Homegrown, Van's Foods, Cascadian Farms, and so forth.

Their stores are designed to essentially slot into retail spaces in mixed-use developments in urban areas or places that don't require much parking.

"Our objective is to be an elevator ride away or a short walk from most of our consumers," Green Picks president Ismael Fernandez told Axios.

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